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A Year at Hogwarts: 1997-1998.


Thank You

Eloise Midgeon
Chinese Gooseberry

Eloise is a lovely girl and no one should ever say anything different. One of the most mature girls at Hogwarts, everyone knows her life after school will be filled with the love her chosen man and with everything she could possibly want - because she's got that Hufflepuff work ethic and she's willing to hold on to the things that she loves.

Zacharias Smith

Zacharias is gruff and speaks his mind, and some may see that as an anomoly in Hufflepuff House but he fits in just right with his mates, filling a void that no one but him could ever fill. Quidditch is his life, and he's going to be brilliant when he goes on to play for the professional teams.

Justin Finch-Fletchley
Honking Daffodil

Justin has always been quiet and reserved and not as easy to get to know as other Hufflepuff's, but that's only because he's got such a big heart, and taking the time to get to know him is definitely worth the effort.

Susan Bones

Susan is friendly and happy and cheerful and she knows how not to let the darker things in life get her down. Add to that her ability to make friends even in the most unexpected places, and you have a girl who's going to go very far indeed.

By the Hogwarts Memory Book Staff.