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A Year at Hogwarts: 1997-1998.


Thank You

Stephen Cornfoot
Flying Squirrel

Stephen is the most loveable, entertaining idiot in the world. He has to be just about the funniest guy you’ll ever meet. Whether his inappropriate humour is drawing reprimands from McGonagall or attempting to seduce Michael Corner, you never know if you should take him seriously. Still, when it comes right down to it, you can’t find a more loyal friend. He's seriously...well not really seriously, but that's beside the awesome guy.

Padma Patil

Padma is one of the smartest girls around, and even though she might not be as outgoing as her sister, she’s happy with that. More importantly Padma knows who she is and knows her strengths, and she can see the strength in others, even when they can’t. Padma is far from boring and can really be wild and spontaneous given the opportunity…so long as she plans it out first and everything is calm and orderly…really though, she’s very sweet and very fun.

Luna Lovegood

Luna is loony, that’s what some people say, but get to know her and you see that just maybe she understands more than everybody else. She is who she is, and doesn’t care what other people might think. She’s never fake, she’s just herself. Luna’s not strange, just ahead of her time. She’s a trendsetter, most people just don’t catch on. One day everyone will start wearing necklaces of butterbeer corks and radish earrings…but by then she’ll have moved on to something new. Never stop looking for Blibbering Humdingers or Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.

Anthony Goldstein

Anthony is quite the character. He manages to offend everyone at some point with his offbeat brand of humour and still we all love him. If you’re a girl, odds are he’s told you “your place” and if you’re a guy, his humour leans more to the inappropriate. Still, he really is a bloody genius, and probably smarter than everyone else here, even if he has an ego to match. We all know that he’s going to do great things and maybe even teach the Prophet a little about journalistic integrity…or at the very least create some newt-fish hybrid.

Mandy Brocklehurst

Mandy is the most amazing girl you’ll ever meet, in my completely biased opinion. She’s brilliant and funny, even if it’s not always on purpose. She knows everything about…well…everything and can tell you all about anything from quidditch to the meaning life. She’s witty and entertaining with her unique brand of sarcasm that can be shocking if you’re not used to it, but deep down she’s incredibly sweet and the best friend a girl could ask for. She puts up with a lot of prats and keeps her sunny disposition through it all.

Lisa Turpin

A Ravenclaw to the core, she's dedicated to learning and mastering concepts, and if that means asking for help, she's not too proud to do it. With excellent taste in literature and music, she's always the first to catch an allusion to film or stage. She may not be the most eloquent one in the bunch, but it's not wise to cross her, she's on top of things. Fierce when she needs to be, but also understanding, Lisa  is the perfect mixture of tenacity and kindness. She'll make us proud when headlines read that Auror Turpin has saved the day yet again.

Michael Corner

Michael is completely mad…in the good way. If anyone needs a reason to laugh, or even if they don’t, he will provide it. He’s a madman on the pitch and is somewhat obsessed with quidditch, but that’s not a bad thing when you’re as good as he is. Some people say he’s sloppy, but we all love his eccentricities. We eagerly await his marriage to Eloise Midgeon…you know it’s coming. A salute to a fine quidditch captain.

By the Hogwarts Memory Book Staff.