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A Year at Hogwarts: 1997-1998.


Thank You

Harry Potter

Some people say he's a hero, and are waiting for him to save us all. And some people don't believe that at all and say he's just lucky. But either way, Harry is a good friend, and a great Quidditch captain, and to must of us who've known him he'll always be just Harry. Which is what he's likely wanted all the time.

Seamus Finnigan

Gryffindor wouldn't be completely without Seamus. He's always the first one to try to cheer someone up, or help them find someone to love. And he's exuberant and exciting, and nothing can keep him down. Which makes him a very special person indeed. He's also done more for inter-house communication than anyone.

Neville Longbottom
Ash tree

Neville doesn't ever seem quite sure of himself, but if you've known him and paid attention you've seen that he's grown into an excellent man and someone who will do great things with his life. Watch for him to make the next herbological break throughs, because you know he will.

Colin Creevey

Colin is enthusiastic and loud and no one will ever claim that he doesn't have enough passion for whatever he chooses to do. He's really grown up since his first years here, even if it's not always easy to see the changes.

Hermione Granger

One day, books will fail her. She'll be flipping through the pages, wondering where she could possibly find the answer of the question she's been asking herself. The index won't help her and neither will the librarian. But she has a level head and a loyal heart. When that day comes, she won't fall apart.

Lavender Brown

She has her head up in the clouds and she looks at them as if they should be telling her something. A typical girl, like the sort you read about in fairytales or the type your mother wants you to grow into. She's one of those that starts the whispers in the halls, making you turn your head at every corner and wondering what's wrong.

Parvati Patil

What can be said about Parvati that hasn't already been said about Lavender? She's gossipy and fun and giggly and girly and we wouldn't have her any other way. Expect her to be one of the highest paid diviners in the world someday. Or to take over for Professor Trelawney here at Hogwarts.

Ron Weasley

One doesn't know what to think of him because he can be so many different things and changes often, with a snap of the fingers. He can go from sad to happy in five seconds or less and it's rather confusing. He doesn't know what he wants and he doesn't know what's good for him.

Dean Thomas

Dean had to leave us for most of the year, and while he was gone something was definitely missing from Gryffindor that was important. When he came back, so did the light and beauty of the House. He's an excellent artist, and he'll do great things in life.

Ginny Weasley

If people are supposed to save the best for last, that's just what the Weasley family did. Ginny isn't just the youngest, she's the most fun and the brightest - whether it's hexing Draco Malfoy, or playing a fantastic game of Quidditch.

By the Hogwarts Memory Book Staff.