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Grow Your Own Furniture Kit

2 Sickles

Want a perfect house-warming gift? Why give someone just one measly footstool when you can give them an entire HOUSE FULL of furniture for just two sickles?! The "Grow Your Own Furniture" kit makes it possible.

Just look at what a single GYOF kit will produce:

* 1 Chest of Drawers
* 2 Nightstands
* 1 dining room table
* 6 Chairs
* 1 Rocker
* 1 Footstool
* 82 Toothpicks *

All it takes is a Grow Your Own Furniture Kit, a little patience, and 2 sickles.

* Actual number of toothpicks may vary.

Grow Your Own Furniture Kit

Easy-To-Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions